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Criminal records act as reminders of the mistakes that you have made. They can be, and usually are, used by employers, business prospects, lenders, and even federal authorities like the border officers to discriminate against you. They are always there, easily accessible at a moment’s notice to block you from moving forward – whether it’s from getting a new job, renting an apartment, seeking student aid, traveling across the border, and so on.


We are a private legal firm working independently with no association whatsoever with the government of Canada. However, we have connections to each federal and provincial government that allows us to comply with the rules and regulations stipulated while expediting the process of getting your record suspension or waiver.

We can access detachments in all provinces, territories, and even the U.S.


When you have served your sentence and become a law-abiding citizen, the only thing you want is to move on with your life without a criminal record haunting your every move.

We help you get on with your life. We realize that even the smallest convictions can hold you back from getting your dream job, planning to move, or taking your family on an exciting holiday vacation.

To be free to leave and enter Canada as you like, you need a pardon for whatever offence you made, whether it was a DUI or something more serious. We will help you get a pardon so you can live your life normally; or get a waiver to visit the U.S.

We deal with both pardons and U.S. entry waivers, taking care of your criminal record before it causes you embarrassment, missed opportunities, or other frustrations when you attempt to cross the border.


We are a team of administration experts with the tools and resources to provide legal services to any Canadian who is eligible for a pardon or U.S. entry waiver.

We have decades of combined experience helping countless clients get pardoned or obtain waivers, which essentially makes us the most proficient legal administration experts in the industry. We have a presence in each province, and are the biggest bonded guarantor of not only Canadian record suspensions, but also U.S. waiver processing services.


  • We minimize delays and get your pardon or waiver as fast as possible
  • We communicate with the relevant authorities on your behalf so you don’t have to find the right words yourself
  • We monitor the status of your application, so you can focus on other matters that make you a valuable member of society
  • We get the work done. So whether it is a background check, a pardon, or a waiver, we don’t stop until your application is complete.
  • We are near you. Our headquarters are in Toronto, but we have our national administration centers across the nation in each province.

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